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> Rescue Workers Continue Search in Plasco Building Ruins ـــ Farsnews

> Book Reveals New Details in Murder Plot of Archbishop Romero ـــ Telesurtv

> Lin-Manuel Miranda to Perform ‘Hamilton’ for Oscar Lopez Rivera ـــ Telesurtv

> URGENT: Raging Fire Destroys Old Garment Building in Western Tehran ـــ Farsnews

> UPDATED: Raging Fire Destroys Old Garment Building in Western Tehran, Kills Over 30 Firefighters ـــ Farsnews

> UPDATED: Raging Fire Destroys Old Garment Building in Central Tehran, Kills Over 30 Firefighters ـــ Farsnews

> Links Between Swearing and Honesty ـــ Farsnews

> This Is How You Lose … Readers? Junot Diaz’s Embrace of Obama ـــ Telesurtv

> Iran Sends Humanitarian Aids to Syrians ـــ Farsnews

> Chicano Park Wins US Landmark Status as Trump Era Looms ـــ Telesurtv

> Can Coffee Perk up Heart Health, Too? ـــ Farsnews

> Son of Nun’s New Video Features Baltimore’s Radical Activists ـــ Telesurtv

> Picasso’s and Diego Rivera’s Art Showcased in Mexican Exhibit ـــ Telesurtv

> Study: Eat Hot Peppers for Longer Life ـــ Farsnews

> Trump Won’t Be Listening to A-List Music During Inauguration ـــ Telesurtv

> Journalist Mistakes 2 Black-Led Films as 1 at Golden Globes ـــ Telesurtv

> The Cuban Revolution Will Never Be Destroyed ـــ Telesurtv

> Commemorating Mexican Muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros ـــ Telesurtv

> Mexicans Will Pay for Trump’s Wall, Says Famous Fortune Teller ـــ Telesurtv

> Official: Iran to Send Hajj Delegation to Saudi Arabia in February ـــ Farsnews

> Why Mums and Babies Prefer to Keep to One Side of Each other ـــ Farsnews

> Cultural Differences May Leave their Mark on DNA ـــ Farsnews

> Afghan President Calls for Fulfillment of Hirmand River Agreement ـــ Farsnews

> ‘Dangal’ breaks all Box office records to become the Biggest Grosser of Indian cinema ـــ Sachtimes

> Mediterranean Diet May Have Lasting Effects on Brain Health ـــ Farsnews

> Judicial Official: 70 Spies Serving Jail Terms in Iran ـــ Farsnews

> Parliament Speaker: Iranian Constitution Stresses Equality for Religious Minorities ـــ Farsnews

> Iran: Female Bodyguards for Foreign Diplomatic Guests ـــ Farsnews

> Iran, Pakistan Opt for Boosting Academic Cooperation ـــ Farsnews

> Iran, Armenian Agree on Prisoners’ Swap ـــ Farsnews

> Omega-3 Supplements Can Prevent Childhood Asthma ـــ Farsnews

> Iran to Host 2nd Int’l Cartoonists, Photographers Competition ـــ Farsnews

> UNESCO Studying Arba’een Pilgrimage for Registration ـــ Farsnews

> Red Crescent Chief: Iran Sends 140 tons of Humanitarian Aid to Aleppo ـــ Farsnews

> Iran, Malaysia Stress Expansion of Bilateral Ties ـــ Farsnews

> Supreme Leader: Jesus Prophet of Muslims Too ـــ Farsnews

> Assyrian Archbishop Stresses Iran’s Respect for Religious Minorities ـــ Farsnews

> Slaveholding ـــ My media

> letter4u ـــ My media

> Iranian, Cypriot Universities Sign MoU to Broaden Cooperation ـــ Farsnews

> PDF Version of Leader’s “Christ in Night of Glory” Released ـــ Farsnews

> Iran Condoles with Russian Gov’t, Nation on Plane Crash ـــ Farsnews

> Using Many Social Media Sites Tied to Depression ـــ Farsnews

> Android Tablet Restrictions Will Make Sure Kids Are All Right ـــ Farsnews

> Helping Pays Off: People Who Care for Others Live Longer ـــ Farsnews

> beautiful world ـــ My media

> Mustafa (PBUH) Prize Brings Scientists Under One Roof ـــ Farsnews

> Future of Science, Technology in Muslim World Bright ـــ Farsnews

> Uneven Distribution is Main Deterrent to Globalization of Science ـــ Farsnews

> Science, Technology Exchange Program among Muslim Countries (STEP) Kicks off in Malaysia ـــ Farsnews

> Pakistani theatres to resume screening Indian Films ـــ Sachtimes

> Iran Sends over 70 Tons of Humanitarian Aids to Syria ـــ Farsnews

> Iran Celebrates Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)’s Birthday ـــ Farsnews

> Researchers Uncover Why Morning People Should Not Work at Night ـــ Farsnews

> Iranian Leader Pardons Hundreds of Prisoners ـــ Farsnews

> Big B expresses Love to visit Pakistan ـــ Sachtimes

> Asqar Farhadi’s “The Salesman” Nominated for Golden Globe Awards ـــ Farsnews

> I don’t think anybody is ever okay doing Bold Scenes: Sana Khan ـــ Sachtimes

> Humans Play Video Game with Signals Sent Directly to Their Brains ـــ Farsnews

> Helicopter Crashes in Tehran, Pilots Dead ـــ Farsnews

> Iranians Commemorate Martyrdom Anniversary of 8th Shiite Imam ـــ Farsnews

> Iran’s Cueist Ranks 1st in World Amateur Snooker Championships ـــ Farsnews

> Putin Offers Condolences to Rouhani on Deadly Iran Train Crash ـــ Farsnews

> Muslims Mark Passing Anniversary of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) ـــ Farsnews

> NIOC Chopper Crash Kills 5 in Caspian Sea ـــ Farsnews

> <a href=”/en/culture/russias-10-most-beautiful-monasteries-winter-view/ri17624″ title=”[field_meta_title]”>Russia’s 10 Most Beautiful Monasteries: Winter View</a> ـــ Russia Insider

> Iran Arrests 3 Over Train Mishap ـــ Farsnews

> Iranian Leader Renews Warning to Muslims over Danger of Takfiri Terrorism ـــ Farsnews

> 36 Killed, 80 Injured in 2 Trains Collision in North-Central Iran ـــ Farsnews

> Depression in Young People Affects Stomach, Anxiety & Skin ـــ Farsnews

> <a href=”/en/war-and-russian-romance-song-yevgenia-smolyaninova-sings-still/ri17764″ title=”[field_meta_title]”>War and the Russian Romantic Song – Yevgenia Smolyaninova Reminds the Nation of Its Roots</a> ـــ Russia Insider

> Crowdfunding has made good Platform for young Filmmakers to make Films: Shabana Azmi ـــ Sachtimes

> UNHCR Official: Iran’s Supports for Refugees “Unmatched” ـــ Farsnews

> Three Iranians Receive AFC Referees Special Award 2016 ـــ Farsnews

> MSTF Sponsors Proposals Selected in MATI Regional Meeting ـــ Farsnews

> <a href=”/en/barry-parsnip-nobel-prize-how-info-warfare-against-russia-worked-not-so-well-these-days/ri17433″ title=”[field_meta_title]”>Boris Pasternak’s ‘Doctor Zhivago’ and His Nobel Prize – a CIA Operation</a> ـــ Russia Insider

> <a href=”/en/culture/marching-red-square-reenacted-1941-military-parade/ri17466″ title=”[field_meta_title]”>1941 October Revolution Military Parade Reenacted on Red Square (Photos)</a> ـــ Russia Insider

> <a href=”/en/culture/vyshny-volochok-enchanted-point-between-russias-two-capitals/ri17397″ title=”[field_meta_title]”>Vyshny Volochok: An Enchanted Point Between Russia’s Two Capitals</a> ـــ Russia Insider

> <a href=”/en/culture/palekh-icon-painting-crossroads-eastern-and-western-traditions/ri17399″ title=”[field_meta_title]”>Palekh Icon Painting: At the Crossroads of Eastern and Western Traditions (Video)</a> ـــ Russia Insider

> <a href=”/en/culture/cultural-figures-stand-artistic-freedom-russia/ri17344″ title=”[field_meta_title]”>Russian Arts Figures Decry Perceived State Censorship </a> ـــ Russia Insider