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> Deyr ez-Zor direnişi sürüyor: IŞİD’in bütün saldırıları püskürtüldü ـــ Almasdar news

> ‘Don’t Force Our Kids to Participate in 26 Jan Parade’ ـــ Kashmirobserver

> KPs Should Never Accept Separate Colonies, says Jama’at ـــ Kashmirobserver

> ISIL’s Women-Executioner Commander Killed by Unknown Gunmen in Mosul ـــ Farsnews

> Geelani for ‘Bosnia Like Action Against Forces’ Involved in Kashmir Massacres ـــ Kashmirobserver

> Observe 26th Jan as ‘Betrayal’ Day: Dal Khalsa to Sikhs ـــ Kashmirobserver

> Syrian Army turns the tables on ISIS in Deir Ezzor ـــ Almasdar news

> На юго-восток провинции Алеппо переброшены сирийские спецподразделения и отряды “Хезболлы” ـــ Almasdar news

> World Rocked with Anti-Trump Protests Including 700 American Cities ـــ Veterans Today

> Indonesia’s Sukarno 1st President After Liberation 71 Years Ago ـــ Telesurtv

> Bahrainis Continue Protests to Condemn Execution of 3 Young Activists ـــ Farsnews

> Er Rasheed’s Suspension from House Revoked ـــ Kashmirobserver

> Сирийская армия добилась значительного успеха в наступлении в провинции Хомс ـــ Almasdar news

> At least 2 killed in shooting incident in Tel Aviv ـــ PressTV

> Pakistan Asks India To Shut 2 Kashmir Hydel Projects ـــ Kashmirobserver

> Donald J. Trump: A JFK or an LBJ? ـــ Veterans Today

> Turkey orders over 400 arrests as post-coup crackdown widens ـــ PressTV

> Anti-trump protests in US, UK engineered: Analyst ـــ PressTV

> UK police officers taser black man after mistaking him for suspect ـــ PressTV

> Yemeni Army Continues to Hunt Saudi Spy Drones ـــ Farsnews

> Russian Bombers Annihilate ISIL Targets in Deir Ezzur ـــ Farsnews

> As MeT Predicts More Snowfall, Weather Advisory Issued ـــ Kashmirobserver

> Police Chief: Iraqi Forces Ready to Start 2nd Phase of Anbar Liberation Operation ـــ Farsnews

> First Gulf War: US First Push for Post-Soviet World Order ـــ Telesurtv

> UK trains Saudi troops ـــ Yemen press

> ECO Conference 2017 to be held in Pakistan ـــ Yemen press

> Syrian Army Troops Ambush Terrorists after Violating Ceasefire in Dara’a ـــ Farsnews

> ISIS member filmed burning Turkish soldiers alive in Syria was imprisoned by Turkey in 2012: report ـــ Almasdar news

> Turkish bill leaves no place for checks on presidential powers: HRW ـــ PressTV

> Breaking: US won’t send delegation to Syria talks in Astana, Kazakhstan – US State Dept. ـــ Veterans Today

> Australian Open: Nadal beats Zverev in 5 sets ـــ PressTV

> Yemeni Army, Popular Committees Attack Saudi-led Mercenaries in Jawf ـــ Almanar

> ‘Some naive Muslims were deceived by the US on Syria’ ـــ Sayyid Ali

> Iraqi Forces Liberate Arabi Neighborhood in Eastern Mosul ـــ Almanar

> Russia says it has lowered oil output by average 100k bpd ـــ PressTV

> Inauguration Puts the World in “New Territory” ـــ Veterans Today

> Syrian Army achieves major breakthrough in west Palmyra after liberating strategic mountain ـــ Almasdar news

> Syrian Army Troops Win Back More Strategic Positions in Wadi Al-Bardi ـــ Farsnews

> Deir Ezzur: Over 500 ISIL Terrorists Killed in Clashes with Syrian Soldiers in Recent Days ـــ Farsnews

> Trump Pentagon Guiding ISIL Through Deir Ezzur Offensive ـــ Veterans Today

> God is with Us ـــ Sayyid Ali

> It Begins: Trump Raises Mortgage Insurance Rates, Costing Home Owners $500 a Year ـــ Veterans Today

> Scores of Terrorists Killed, Wounded in Intensified Infighting in Southern Idlib ـــ Farsnews

> Syria: Terrorists Selling Idlib’s Stolen Railway Equipment in Turkey at Low Prices ـــ Farsnews

> Bundesliga: Freiburg 1-2 Bayern Munich ـــ PressTV

> ISIS releases photos of Turkish Army losses in east Aleppo ـــ Almasdar news

> UN must apply sanctions against Myanmar: Activist ـــ PressTV

> In 2015-16, Govt says,‘849 Transformers Installed in Kashmir,1171 in Jammu’ ـــ Kashmirobserver

> Russian Tu-160M2 Bomber to Get Universal Anti-Missile Shield ـــ Veterans Today

> Trump in violation of US Constitution over his DC hotel: Watchdog ـــ PressTV

> Weapon idnustry, behind US increased homicide rate ـــ Sayyid Ali

> Photos Show Continued Anger Protests in Bahrain ـــ Almanar

> Opposition Stages Walkout On Power Crisis ـــ Kashmirobserver

> Syrian army controls the strategic hill of Tayyas in Homs eastern countryside ـــ Almanar

> Gawkadal Massacre Anniversary:City Centre, Adjoining Areas Remain Shut ـــ Kashmirobserver

> Italy Avalanche: Four More Rescued from Rigopiano Hotel ـــ Farsnews

> Will The Next Heavily Anticipated Lebanon – Israel War Begin Under Trump? ـــ Veterans Today

> Masarat Remanded To 11 Days Judicial Custody ـــ Kashmirobserver

> Education Reforms: Now, Open Community Primary School At Will! ـــ Kashmirobserver

> Man Killed in Scuffle ـــ Kashmirobserver

> Several Saudi Military Bases Destroyed in Yemen’s Missile Attacks in Jizan, Najran Provinces ـــ Farsnews

> Syria: ISIL Withdraws from More Key Positions Near T4 Airbase ـــ Farsnews

> Fight against terrorism needs all-out global efforts: Iran ـــ PressTV

> Turkey Does a 180, as Assad’s Survival Not in Question, Duff on Press TV ـــ Veterans Today

> Hezbollah, Syrian Special Forces arrive in southeast Aleppo to lead military operations ـــ Almasdar news

> بالفيديو || 6 قاذفات روسية استراتيجية تدمر مواقع لتنظيم داعش في دير الزور ـــ Almasdar news

> Thousands descend on Washington to protest Trump presidency ـــ PressTV

> Russia: Eleven Warships Enough to Carry Out Entire Urgent Missions in War-Hit Syria ـــ Farsnews

> Microsoft: New Patent Could Launch A Revolution In The World Of Portable Devices ـــ Badrnews

> Iran: Peace talks in Astana is to enforce and maintain a permanent peace in Syria ـــ Almasdar news

> Massive rally in South Korea demand Park removal, Samsung heir arrest ـــ PressTV

> James Mattis Confirmed as Secretary of Defense ـــ Farsnews

> Iraqi police officer survives ISIS explosive blast in Anbar ـــ Almasdar news

> Anthony Joshua Receives Islamophobia Abuse For Sharing Photo Praying at Mosque ـــ Muslim press

> Astana talks aim to bring lasting peace to Syria: Iran ـــ PressTV

> RUAF fleet of 6 Tu-22M strike bombers target ISIS in Deir Ezzour ـــ Almasdar news

> Russian long-range bombers strike ISIS in east Syria ـــ Almasdar news

> Al-Wefaq Deputy SG in Televised Speech: Executions to Leave Serious Political and Security Repercussions (Full Speech) ـــ Shafaqna

> ISIS attempting to stir sectarian hatred with murals in Tal Afar, Iraq ـــ Almasdar news

> IHRC speaks against Bahrain’s criminal oppression ـــ Shafaqna