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> Headphone Jack to Vanish from Most Premium Smartphones by End of Year ـــ Farsnews

> Blood-Repellent Materials for Medical Implants ـــ Farsnews

> Why Lights Don’t Dim When We Blink ـــ Farsnews

> Violations of Energy Conservation in Early Universe May Explain Dark Energy ـــ Farsnews

> Making AI Systems That See World as Humans Do ـــ Farsnews

> Astronomer Searches for Signs of Life on Wolf 1061 Exoplanet ـــ Farsnews

> Insecticides May Increase Risk for Diabetes ـــ Farsnews

> Soft Robot Helps the Heart Beat ـــ Farsnews

> Galaxy Murder Mystery ـــ Farsnews

> Malaria Drug Successfully Treats 26-Year-Old Brain Cancer Patient ـــ Farsnews

> Seeing Quantum Future, Literally ـــ Farsnews

> Google Assistant Could Soon Allow Users to Make Payments through Voice Commands ـــ Farsnews

> Scientists Create 3D-Printed Objects That Can Change Shape after Printing ـــ Farsnews

> Everything We Think We Know about Samsung Galaxy S8 ـــ Farsnews

> Stardust Melody: New Study Confirms That Humans Undeniably Made up of Cosmic Dust ـــ Farsnews

> Video Games, Gadgets May Be Good for Teens: When Is It Too Much? ـــ Farsnews

> Scientists Great Tightest Molecular Knot Ever ـــ Farsnews

> Moon Older Than Scientists Thought ـــ Farsnews

> Researchers: Hackers May Steal Fingerprints off Selfies ـــ Farsnews

> Latest iPhone 8 Leak Confirms ‘Essential’ Feature Upgrade ـــ Farsnews

> Master Regulator of Cellular Aging Discovered ـــ Farsnews

> How Darkness and Cold Killed Dinosaurs ـــ Farsnews

> Performance-Boosting Game Mode Discovered in New Windows 10 Preview Build, Confirmed by Microsoft ـــ Farsnews

> ​Google AI Expands Your Photos to Shrink Your Mobile Data Usage ـــ Farsnews

> Vision Restored in Blind Mice, Long-Term ـــ Farsnews

> Wearable Sensors Tell When You Are Getting Sick ـــ Farsnews

> Microsoft Rolls out Second Windows 10 Creators Update Test Build in a Week ـــ Farsnews

> Theoretical Planet 9 May Be A Rogue Planet Not Native to Our Solar System ـــ Farsnews

> How Moon Slows Decay of Pluto’s Atmosphere ـــ Farsnews

> Transistor Stretchier than Dkin for Ultra-Flexible Wearable Tech ـــ Farsnews

> Crystallization Method Offers New Option for Carbon Capture from Ambient Air ـــ Farsnews

> New Theory: How Earth’s Previous Moons Collided to Form the Moon ـــ Farsnews

> Microsoft Explains Its Plan to Win ‘Battle for Future’ against Amazon’s Alexa & Google Assistant ـــ Farsnews

> Breakthrough in MS Treatment ـــ Farsnews

> DNA-Based Data Storage With Microbial Help? ـــ Farsnews

> Image of Space Shows A Thousand Black Holes ـــ Farsnews

> AMD: Zen CPU Architecture Expected to Last Four Years ـــ Farsnews

> OnePlus Rolls out New Android 7.0 Update to 3 & 3T ـــ Farsnews

> Solar Storms Could Spark Soils at Moon’s Poles ـــ Farsnews

> Samsung Launches iPhone App for Gear Smartwatches ـــ Farsnews

> Gamers Can Soon Use Steam Controller Interface for Xbox Controllers ـــ Farsnews

> Intel Unveils ‘Credit Card-Sized’ Computer ـــ Farsnews

> Hubble Provides Interstellar Road Map for Voyagers’ Galactic Trek ـــ Farsnews

> CES 2017: Amazon’s Virtual Aide Alexa Shouts above Rivals ـــ Farsnews

> Porous, 3-D Forms of Graphene Developed at MIT Can Be 10 Times as Strong as Steel but Much Lighter ـــ Farsnews

> Scientists Use Light to Control Logic Networks of Cell ـــ Farsnews

> Most Absurd Computer: Massive $9,000 Laptop with Curved Screen ـــ Farsnews

> CES 2017: Hands-On with Xiaomi’s White Mi MIX ـــ Farsnews

> Using Fat to Help Wounds Heal without Scars ـــ Farsnews

> Stuttering: Blood Flow in Language Area of Brain ـــ Farsnews

> Beating Heart of Solar Energy ـــ Farsnews

> Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor Brings VR to Your Mobile Devices ـــ Farsnews

> Britain pursuing imperial agenda on Malvinas: Analyst ـــ PressTV

> Iran can make huge difference in Syria peace talks: Analyst ـــ PressTV

> Saudi Arabia admits bombing Yemen funeral ـــ PressTV

> Mourners pay tribute to late Thai King Bhumibol ـــ PressTV

> Bomb blast targets Shia gathering in Baghdad, kills 31 ـــ PressTV

> Libyan militias stage coup against UN-backed unity government ـــ PressTV

> Major players gather for Syria crisis talks amid low hopes ـــ PressTV

> Yemen: 60 Saudi mercs killed in convoy attack ـــ PressTV

> Nearly 200 states agree to cut back on greenhouse gases ـــ PressTV

> Bank of England warns rising inflation will hurt UK’s poor ـــ PressTV

> Middle East powers able to resolve crisis in Syria: Pundit ـــ PressTV

> Italy’s move to send troops to Latvia angers Moscow ـــ PressTV

> Window washers surprise Brazilian kids at hospital ـــ PressTV

> Argentina blasts UK plans for war games on Malvinas Islands ـــ PressTV

> Three men arrested and charged in plot to bomb Kansas mosque ـــ PressTV

> Bundesliga: Dortmund draw with Hertha Berlin 1-1 ـــ PressTV

> Iran urges end to arms sales to S Arabia, Israel ـــ PressTV

> Shanghai Masters: Murray beats Goffin, reaches semifinals ـــ PressTV

> Trump rejects sexual assault claims, calls accusers ‘sick’ ـــ PressTV

> Daesh ‘suppresses coup in Mosul’ amid looming government operation ـــ PressTV